Julia Wagner

These are the projects that most represent, how I work. It is a mix of university projects and volunteer projects. For a quick overview I have selected the top 3 projects for you on the right.

NOW – MaxiSchool

Trying different ways of learning and teaching in design. – Experiment

Fall 2021 – Table talks

Trying out a different format for public talks and discussions. – Talk Series

Summer 2021 – Diploma Project / Attention Recalibration Archive 1

Trying different ways of learning and teaching in design. – Experiment

Spring 2021 – Attention Recalibration for Designers

A one week workshop with students of FbG h_da on utilizing your senses. – Teaching

Feb 2021 – Digital Workshops / Attention Recalibration

Digital workshops on subjectively surveying the real world – Testing

Winter 2020/21 – Attention Recalibration

Creative Terretorial Surveying workshops for everyone – Collective Learning

September 2019 – A dead serious manifesto

A workshop on forming an opinion and proclaiming it. Held @ Hurra Hurra Festival – Teaching

Spring/Summer – 2019 BauWHAT?!

What would a newly founded design school look like today? How can we redefine school? – Experimental summer school

June 2019 – Patch of Silence

Celebrating "dolce far niente" as part of the creative process – Interactive installation

Summer 2018 – Vorrei un caffè?

Transporting the visitor to rural Italy using subjective memories and emotions. – Performative installation & interactive play

Summer 2018 – Empathyzer

What is empathy and how can I stimulate it? – Video installation

2016-2018 – OHA Osthang

A placemaking project from a collective of young people for the city.

Summer 2015 – Same but Different

Comparing habits and reactions among friends. – Video installation

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