Julia Wagner


Multidisciplinary experiment
Ongoing | Darmstadt (GE)

My ongoing project is a multi disciplinary group project with architects, a design theorist, a sound engineer, communication designers and DIESE Studio. We all met @Bauwhat?! and have since decided to conduct different experiments to develop new design didactics. We want to change the way people think about school and maybe even redefine the term to a more relevant significance. We as a group believe that design can play an important role in translating science, politics and other complex relevant topics into images and stories that are more easily understandable to people without a science degree. This means that we as designers need to work together not only with other designers but also with experts in the respective fields.
Since our project is still in its infancy, we are currently defining our group and the direction we want to take together. Our goal is to form a new school in the future that is dedicated to critical (design) thinking and has relevance in our society. The pilot project for this school was Bauwhat?!.
The experiments we will be conducting are going to be several MiniSchools that we will form in cooperation with different cultural institutions such as universities, theatre houses, museums and schools. Each MiniSchool will work on a topic relating to the umbrella topic and result in a tangible project that will be showcased and transformed into a mini publication. We (the group) will analyze and use the findings both in didactic method and knowledge towards the topic after each MiniSchool and use them for the next MiniSchool.

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