Julia Wagner
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Download a letter of recommendation by Florian Walzel, teacher at Hochschule Darmstadt
Download a letter of recommenddation by Jurek Werth from DIESE Studio

Hard Facts

Julia Wagner
mail info@juliawagner-portfolio.de
tel. 0049 175 2686621
born Oct 10 1993 in Darmstadt Germany

2019 – today: MaxiSchool, a crossdisciplinary education project
- experimenting with different methods of teaching (design)
- combining sience and design in an effort to make scientific research more aproachable for the public

2021: Diploma of Design, Hochschule Darmstadt
- holding a one-week class on artistic surveying
- archiving my research for "Attention Recalibration" to showcase the interdependency of my project with different environments, projects and living beings

2020 – 2021: Design Residency with Brave New Alps
- learning about new rural common practices
- co-designing the workshop concept Attention "Recalibration" for collective, selfdriven learning about your own habitat and yourself with Sociologist Kim Kaborda

2015 – 2021: Study of Communication Design @Fachbereich Gestaltung, Hochschule Darmstadt.
- 3 semesters of basic education like color theory, 2 & 3 dimensional design and using adobe cloud
- variety of projects from video installations, newspapers, basic coding to performance

2019: Participated @BauWHAT?! Summer School
- coordinated multiple projects and multiple teams to produce coherent content
- generated a timetable coordinating with Staatstheater Darmstadt

2018: Initiated cross disciplinary Orbis Art Festival
- initiated, coordinated and took part in a art festival that connected students of various creative backgrounds like architecture, film, product design and more
- worked in a group to create a multimedia installation under the trees that had four events in which the installation was transformed as a refference to the cycle of life

2016-2018: Volunteered @OHA Osthang, a placemaking project that turned into a successful meeting place and stage for young musicians and artists
- organized the cultural calendar, coordinated with the city and more

2017 6 week Internship @Kraenk Visuell graphic design agency
- gained hands on experience while observing and working with experienced designers

2014-2015: Study of Architecture @Fachbereich Architektur, Hochschule Darmstadt
- two semesters of Architecture before switching to Communication Design

Who I am

I’m Julia Wagner, a 27 year old Dipl. Designer from Darmstadt, Germany. I am passionate about Darmstadts local and communal cultural scene and about learning new creative skills. I want to become a strategic designer who impacts the way design and culture are being consumed. I want my work to motivate people to use their voice and realize the impact they can have on their surroundings. If I were a car part, I would be the road map in the glove compartment or the GPS because I am able to see the big picture and am good at connecting individual elements into a whole. If I were an instrument, I would be the drums because I am good at keeping people on track and give structure and foundation to the group. My favorite color is blue and my favorite dish is home made pizza. I prefer a clean vodka soda over a fruity pina colada. I try to live sustainably but sometimes struggle overcoming my inner creature of comfort. I prefer one loyal, trustworthy and close friend over a big group of friends. My favorite travel destination is the West Algarve. I grew up bilingually and have dual citizenship (German and American).

How I work

My work method is a mix of a strong conceptual approach and creative instinct. I believe that a cohesive design strategy is based on research, observation and a good understanding for all elements and players at hand. Deconstructing and categorizing a project is a tool I often use to gain a clear overview. This helps me to stay on target during the design process. I consider good design to consist of both strategy and visual form. I enjoy working in a process where strategy and form don’t occur in succession of each other but rather go into dialog. While I can design coherent visual work I see my strengths in working on concept and strategy. This is why I believe in working as a multi disciplinary team where each individual brings a different set of skills, background knowledge and even a different approach to the table.
As a designer I aim for my work to start a conversation or initiate a thought process within my audience. One of my strong suits is making conceptual ideas approachable and experienceable by breaking those ideas down to the essentials and building a concept around those essentials. Whenever possible I try to bring an emotional component to a project because I believe that if the recipient can make an emotional connection to something, it will create a memory and have a more sustainable impact on them.

What I do "just for fun"

In my free time I like to craft and try out new techniques with friends. We make anything from our own skin care products to hand printed and bound Risograph zines where we combine fotography and illustration, woodcarving or making our own ink. Sounds very "20 something designer", I know but I quite enjoy it. :-) I also enjoy going out into nature, hiking from hut to hut, surfing or just taking a walk in the local forest with my dog.

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