Julia Wagner

Spontaneously proclaiming dead serious manifestos

Workshop design & execution
September 2019 | @Hurra Hurra Festival, Burg Halle (GER)

After completing the „Bauwhat?! Free Summer School“ we were approached by the team organizing „Hurra Hurra Festival“, a weekend festival held at Burg Halle to examine existing school systems, experiment in learning methods and go into an open discussion about the future of design and design education. We (6 people from the summer school) were asked to hold a workshop but were left creative freedom in the exact topic. Building on our experience at Bauwhat?!, we constructed a manifesto workshop aimed to give the participants the right tools to form an (educated) opinion and to argument it. Our team's approach was to make it fun and try to get the participants to use their voice (1). The workshop was composed of two sessions and a public proclamation of the manifestos resulting from the workshop. Each session started with a warm up game (2) that was targeted to give a fun and spontaneous approach to the next task and to get to know the other participants and their design education background. During the second workshop I was also dedicated lead workshop tutor which meant that I had to introduce the next tasks in a way that would be understandable to a group of creatives with different professional and cultural backgrounds and that I had to mentor (3) and give feedback to the participants during the workshop.

Participating at Hurra Hurra was a great opportunity to dip my toes into constructing and holding workshops as well as networking with likeminded people. I enjoyed coming up with playful ways of learning and teaching as well as helping people find their voice.

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